Planning a Pizza Party

eq_it-na_pizza-margherita_sep2005_smlMy grade 6 unit on decimals and fractions was always a favourite for me and my students. My students loved it because they finally got to have a class party (is it just my students, or do your students always ask to have a class party?). I loved it because the students did all the work to plan the party and got lots of practice with decimals and fractions while doing it.
Following the guidelines in this task sheet, students worked in small groups to prepare a proposal for a class pizza party. As a class, we discussed how to craft a proposal that convince our principal to sign off on the idea. While some students made their proposal as realistic as possible (i.e. minimizing the costs, making sure that the money students brought in was enough to cover their pizza and a slice of two for the teachers), others decided it would be more fun to plan a trip to Italy for real pizza. Either way, students were happily engaged in comparing cost, compiling a budget and calculating taxes and tip.

At the end of the activity, we celebrated with a pizza lunch!


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